one little idea

a month or so ago, i approached my station manager about seeing if the georgia association of broadcasters would be interested in recognizing individual reporters as well as their stations for stories that win awards. when i was in newspaper, we would submit our stories under our newspaper’s name but our names were on them, and when we won the newspaper got the big plaque and we received certificates with our name and the award on them. i pitched a similar idea, and the gab board loved it! i think this soon might be added, which i think is awesome. i know i was bummed when a story i wrote won first place last year but i didn’t receive any recognition for it. i think it’s pretty cool that i’m helping shape something that will be implemented by the gab and will affect all radio and television stations.

in other cool work news, i’m going with my boss next week to judge the mississippi association of broadcasters awards. they judge the georgia awards each year, so we judge theirs. usually our news director goes, but this year i get to. i’m really excited. it’ll be a neat experience, and it’ll be awesome to get to hear the work of other stations.

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  1. chas says:

    Maybe you should get an award for coming up with the idea :).

  2. Joe says:

    I’m so proud of you honey. You’re incredible.

  3. ohhh that is sooo cool… you should be so proud of yourself!!

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