my new favorite store

on wednesday, joe and i headed to kennesaw to meet a friend and his fiancee for dinner. we got there early, so joe wanted to stop by barnes and noble to pick up a book on marathons. when we got there, i saw that archivers was in the same strip mall. i had heard fabulous things about archivers, but i had never had the chance to go.

so, joe dropped me off. and, i have to say, that store is amazing. everything is laid out so well. it’s much easier to navigate than hobby lobby or joann. and, they had fabulous products. plus, there’s a large area in the back where you can crop for free, and there are a bunch of classes and workshops. i’m already making plans to go with rachel (sil) and michelle (friend’s fiancee). we all need to catch up on our cropping, so why not?

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  1. Lisanne says:

    I *loooooove* Archivers. There’s one at the mall in Fort Wayne, IN. I’ve only been there once, but seriously … I could go CRAZY!!!

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