friday favorites

  • the wii. i’m still addicted to mario kart and guitar hero III. joe has added mario galaxy to his stack of favorite games. we’re going to have a blast at the cabin with the wii this weekend.
  • my new red shoes! they are the first pair of shoes that are not white, black or brown. i *love*them, and it’s nice to get some color in my usual black/gray outfits. plus, they’re super cute and really comfy. i want to get them in brown now too. i need another good pair of brown pumps.
  • army wives. i *love* this show, and i’m rewatching the first season in anticipation of season 2, which starts a week from sunday. i can’t wait!
  • satc: the movie. it comes out tonight! we’re going sunday since we’ll be at the cabin this weekend, and i am so excited! i have been counting down to this since the movie was announced.
  • having lunch with my husband. i love the fact that he works in town now. there’s nothing better than seeing him for lunch or just a quick visit during the day.
  • so what are your favorite things today?

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    1. Lisanne says:

      I *love* those red shoes! Awesome! I think that I might have to do one of these posts on my blog.

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