back to the routine

now that my work schedule is back to normal, i’m back to working out. for the few weeks, my schedule has been out of whack, and i’ve had to go in to work earlier than normal. because of the fatigue from the arthritis, i’m *really* tired when i get home (as in i could go to sleep for the night), so i’ve missed my workouts. plus, i’ve been nervous since i spent the last, what, six months or so working out regularly and not losing weight. i’m scared that will happen again. it felt good to workout again today, though. my first set on the bike was rough, and i was really feeling out of shape, but after that i was fine.

cardio: 40 min.
weights/abs: 15 min.

yesterday, joe took me to see sex and the city. he was one of four men in the theater, but i think he liked it … at least a little. i saw him laughing at parts, and he’s grown to like the show as much as a guy can since he watched the series with me. i was a little surprised by the movie because the previews made me think it was going to be totally different. it was a great movie though, and a great end to the series. have any of you seen it, or are you planning to see it?

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  1. Joe says:

    It was a pretty good movie. But it’s no Iron Man. Maybe if it had giant robots, it would have been better. 🙂 But yes, even as a guy, I enjoyed it.

    Good job on the workout honey. Proud of you.

  2. stacey says:

    I really, really want to see it! Mike was in town yesterday and offered to take me, but I didn’t want to make him go – I should have! I may see if a friend will can go tonight. It’s killing me to know what happens, and I’m scared I’ll accidentally read something that will spoil it for me.

  3. Devoted Mama says:

    Glad you got in some work out time. Glad you enjoyed the movie also. Can you believe I’ve NEVER watched SATC??? I just never got into it & not even interested in the movie. Am I nuts??? LOL!

  4. jenny says:

    I’m the furthest thing from a SiTC (SaTC?) that you’ll ever find. So, it goes without saying that I”ll be missing that one.

    I have two words for you, you Wii addict, you…

    Wii Fit.

    So. Much. Fun.

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