on my mind

i wonder why the weather’s been on my mind so much lately. recently, i’ve been thinking about:

  • when the weeds in my yard will die so i can go ahead and plant grass already.
  • what happened to spring? winter seemed to lead right into summer.
  • speaking of summer, since it’s not even officially summer yet and temperatures are reaching the mid to high 90s, what can we expect for july and august?
  • it was supposed to rain all week yet today is the first day we’ve had anything during the day (and even that wasn’t until around 7 p.m.). why is it that meteorologists are wrong when it comes to rain but right on when it comes to severe weather like the tornado threats we’ve had recently?
  • so those are some of the things i’ve been thinking about lately. what’s been on your mind?

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    1. LIsa says:

      I am so sick of being HOT already!

    2. stacey says:

      I’m just so happy to have air conditioning in my car! Going without for 4 years was NO fun! But yeah, it’s blazing out there. Ugh.

    3. Chas says:

      I have a lot on my mind actually, none of which is the weather, however, I do talk about the weather all the time….and I’ve noticed that I do it more and more the older I get, lol. It is HOT!!

    4. Jess says:

      I am SO PISSED about the whole no-spring thing. I WANT SPRING BACK.

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