it’s the story of a man named brady . . .

i am a *huge* “brady bunch” fan. i watched constantly watched reruns when i was younger, and before my sister got married we had a tradition of watching “a very brady christmas” every year when she and my now brother-in-law would visit us in maryland for the holidays.

so when i heard that the man who hosts the saturday morning show at the station was going to interview barry williams, i was beyond excited. in fact, i screamed. that scared joe and kevin who thought something had happened to me.

i always thought greg brady was cute (come on, tell me i wasn’t the only one!), and he’s just as cute now as he was then. i haven’t had a chance to listen to the interview, but alan said it went really well. i didn’t know it at the time, but barry williams was actually here in cartersville signing autographs. i told my fil he is special because i chose to go see him for father’s day over meeting barry williams. šŸ™‚

one question alan asked during the interview was regarding how williams feels being linked to greg brady. he said that he’s fine with people remembering him as the brady’s oldest son. he said that he knows that’s how he really got started and got his foot in the door acting. however, i know many actors and actresses don’t feel that way. he told alan he doesn’t keep in touch with eve plumb, who played jan, because she *hates* being known just for “the brady bunch”. she feels there’s more to her than that. i really don’t think that’s the right attitude to have. sure, if you are an actor or an actress you’re going to be recognized and known for your major role. for her, that was jan brady. as i told joe tonight, if i was in a tv show more than 30 years ago and i was still being recognized as that character, i’d be flattered. i’m sure there aren’t a lot of actors who are recognized that long after.

going back to “the brady bunch” . . . when i was in elementary school, “the brady bunch musical” came to the kennedy center in washington, d.c. i really wanted to go, so my grandma bought tickets for me, my cousin emily and her. we arrived, and the usher taking the tickets asked my grandma if she really wanted to take me in to the show. as my dad says now, that should have been a warning sign. but, she didn’t think anything about it and said, “of course. it’s “the brady bunch’.”

we went in, found our seats and the show started. but, it wasn’t “the brady bunch” i had known. instead of a loving, musical family it was an incestuous family in which the siblings were having sexual relationships with each other, etc. needless to say, we left soon after it started.

i was more than happy to go back home and watch my favorite family on tv.

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  1. Emily says:

    hey, I’m surprised you remember when we went to that “brady show” in DC. what a horrific night. i think gma was really embarrassed. what a night. i think we were all left in a state of shock. good times. šŸ™‚

  2. snort on the musical thing lol…

    I didn’t really like the Brady’s because I hated the color of everything… then again I transfered to another high school because I wouldn’t go to a school that had the colors of orange and brown… no way! And they let me mahahahaha!

  3. Chas says:

    I loved watching Brady Bunch reruns when I was in late elementary school. I’d come home from school every day watch. It’s one of those shows I can say I’ve definitely seen every episode. My favorite was the ones when they were in Hawaii.

    I’d say that Eve Plumb probably feels like being so recognized as Jan Brady probably kept her from getting other good roles. Some actors can be in a recognizable role and break away from it (like Jennifer Aniston), and some just can’t (like Mark Hamill from Star Wars). I can see why that would be annoying, but you’d think she’d have come to terms with it by now. Oh well…she wasn’t anyone’s favorite Brady anyway :).

  4. mamalovespapa says:

    I LOVED the Brady Bunch, too! I even named my dog Cindy, after Cindy Brady! haha

    And ohmygoodness about your Brady Bunch experience! That is too funny…I bet your grandma was mortified!

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