weekend recap

we had a fun, relaxing weekend. well, relaxing for the most part. as i mentioned before, we headed to atlanta early saturday morning for my ultrasound, which was a total bust. i’m still bummed about it.

after we got home, we slept for about four hours, and then joe went to the park for his run. instead of a 10-mile run like he had planned, he ended up doing only 8 miles because of the intense heat. i don’t blame him. i don’t know how he runs when the temperatures are as high as they are here.

that night, we met joe’s parents in kennesaw to see “the dark knight“. it was fabulous. it was very dark, as the reviews had said, but definitely was the best movie of the year so far. heath ledger definitely was the best actor. i know that’s being said a lot since his death, but it’s the truth. his performance was amazing. aaron eckhart, who played the district attorney/two face, was awesome as well. several people brought their children, which surprised us. it was *not* a good movie for kids.

sunday was a nice day as well. i worked in the morning, and when i came home i helped joe plant our crape myrtle. we’ve decided to to do a row of these trees in front of our house, which i think will be very pretty. add a white fence and you’ve got a pretty idylic scene. it’s funny because i’ve never noticed these trees before, but now that we have one i see them all over the place.

crepe myrtle

we also went to bruster’s and shared a hot fudge brownie sundae (yum!) before returning home to watch the braves game. really, though, it wasn’t a game. it was more batting practice for the nationals. and, as i said to joe, what does it say about the braves when they lose 15-6 to the worst team in the national league? not a whole lot, i’m afraid.

our regular sunday night shows made for a perfect end to the day.

now it’s your turn. what did you do this weekend?

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  1. Joe says:

    It was a very nice weekend. Dark Knight = great. Braves = not great.

  2. Connie says:

    It sounds like a perfect weekend! And I *LOVE* your Crape Myrtle! I’ve seen them everywhere as well & have always liked them. When we built our house 3 years ago, someone that Bobby knows gave him some Crape Myrtle seedlings & he planted them & they’re still growing but haven’t bloomed yet šŸ™ I think they’re SO pretty though~& I love all the color blooms available but I’m partial to pink ones (light pink & dark pink) being that it is my fave color šŸ˜‰

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