meeting the family

callie met both sides of the family this weekend (including pets), and boy was she in control. on saturday, we headed up to my parents’ house to celebrate my mom’s birthday and introduce everyone to callie. i’m glad we were able to be there since ryan is in taiwan and randy was camping. plus, bomma made yet another yummy meal, which was constantly interrupted by callie trying to knock paintings off the walls, hitting one of the dogs and jumping on the table numerous times. finally, she settled down when mom held her.

mom and callie 6

mom and callie 3

she’s pretty cute when she’s sleeping, huh?

that night, we had dinner at gondolier, went grocery shopping and then watched “21”, which was a pretty good movie. we have really exciting lives, don’t we?

on sunday, we had our usual cookout, and joe’s parents stopped by on their way home from the cabin to meet callie. joe grilled steaks (and a black bean griller for me), and we had potato salad, baked beans and chips — a typical cookout meal but quite yummy.

cookout 2 edit

mom and dad schulman

i bought some really pretty flowers for my kitchen table, which callie knocked over before the in-laws arrived, spilling water *everywhere*. she got real quiet, though, when i told her i was going to take her back to the humane society. haha.


sophie, mom and dad s’s dog, was more than ready to leave. she is not a fan of cats, especially bold ones like callie. i swear, that cat has absolutely no fear.

and now, another week begins. i have to say, i’m ready for the next weekend.

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  1. Devoted Mama says:

    Glad you all had a good weekend & that everyone got to meet Callie šŸ™‚ That’s a cute pic of her sleeping while your Mom’s holding her šŸ™‚ Yours & Joe’s parents all look SO young!

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