Lazy Day

It’s been absolutely silent in our house for the last couple of hours. I slept in this morning, and Joe’s been in bed since around 11 a.m. or so. After being sick last weekend and through much of the week, I think we both needed the extra rest.

I love lazy days like this. I’ve been relaxing in the living room and reading. Whenever Joe wakes up, I’ll make lunch. Tonight, we’re planning another quiet evening by making haystacks (seriously my favorite food ever…we haven’t had them in so long!) and watching the rest of the disc of LOST that we rented from the library (I had no idea you could rent TV shows there! I totally wasted my money renting them from Blockbuster). Hopefully we’ll watch one of the movies on our DVR as well so we can free up even more space.

Tomorrow, my parents and my brother are coming down in the evening. It’s giving us a very good excuse to *finally* get our guest bedroom/office organized, since my parents will be sleeping in here. I’m excited. I don’t think they’ve been down here since we moved in last year.

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  1. enjoy those lazy days before kids come into the picture šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

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