Rethinking our Itinerary

So, we had a slight miscalculation. We thought (I swear MapQuest told me this) that Cincinnati is only 2 hours from Warren, Ohio, where the wedding is being held. It’s actually 4 hours away. And, Warren is not as close to Cleveland as we thought. It’s about an hour. That doesn’t seem too far, but when you have to factor in driving there, piddling around the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and driving back for the rehearsal.

Then, I discovered that Amish Country is on our way from Warren to Cleveland! I have been totally enthralle with the Amish since I began reading Beverly Lewis’ books. I definitely could not live their lifestyle, but sometimes a simple, quiet life sounds so good.

So, we definitely have to work in driving through Amish Country, and we also have to go to Lake Erie. Cleveland is on the lake and, even though it sounds dumb, I really want to go to one of the Great Lakes. I think that would be awesome. So, all of this is giving me quite the headache. Joe and I will be pouring over maps and directions tonight to figure out what route is the best to take and what activities we should do Friday and which we should do on Sunday on our way to the Indians game.

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  1. Casey says:

    Yeah, we leave Friday for Placerville and still have no idea what we’re going to do once we get there, what route we’re taking, etc. I guess looking at a map would be a good start! At least you’re going somewhere that even HAS activities. We’re going to BFE.

  2. Mandy says:

    You have to go see lake Erie. It is fun. My family is from Ohio, and we go visit them every year. We love going to an amusement park called Cedar Point in Sandusky. If you have time, that is totally worth it!! Makes Six Flags look tiny. Amish country is fun too. They have great restaurants. I can only remember the name of one, The Flying Dutchmen. If I remember right, they have great breakfast food.

  3. ohhh you need to come up to my area… that is the amish country that Beverly Lewis writes about… and I could take you to the towns she places in the books… one is where I get a lot of fabric from hehehe…

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