joe and i had our upcoming wedding blessed last night at his synagogue. it’s a tradition i really like. the rabbi asked god to bless and watch over our marriage. it was very short, and then he said, “he’s going to sing to you now,” while looking at joe. i started to laugh because joe can’t sing, but it turns out the rabbi was talking about the cantorial soloist. he played a very upbeat song on his guitar while the rabbi, joe and i took turns linking arms and dancing around the bima (platform) in circles and the congregation sang “mazel tov”. i forgot that was part of the blessing, and even though i am shy and was very nervous being in front of a synagogue full of people i don’t know, i tried to let loose and have fun. i *thought* i was letting loose and having fun. however, the term rigormortis was used afterward to describe my performance. how rude.

before the service began, the rabbi announced that there were two b’nai mitzvahs this weekend, a wedding blessing and a conversion. instantly, my twin brothers turned to me at the same time and said, “are you converting?” after the service, the first thing my parents said, jokingly of course, was, “we thought that was some sort of hint or something.” right after that, joe’s dad walked over to them and said, “don’t worry, that wasn’t a hint!” i thought it was hilarious that me converting was the first thing everyone thought of.

after services we (as in me, joe, my parents, joe’s parents, nana, dave, rachel, dave’s parents and rachel’s friend gabe) headed to la madeline for dessert and socializing. my parents had so much fun talking to dave’s parents because, as it turns out, they are from maryland too and dave actually was born in the same hospital as my brothers and i. small world. joe and i also received presents from some of nana’s friends: an expandable hot plate decorated with grapes, and the sugar bowl and creamer for our china collection.

tonight, the celebration continues with the bachelor and bachelorette parties. the girls are headed out for dinner and a night of dancing and partying at a country club. i don’t know *what* the boys have planned. i just hope jon and dave keep in mind that joe is getting married in eight days, and we’d really like for it to occur (if you know what i mean).

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  1. Chas says:

    Wow! It’s getting so close!!! Good luck and have fun at your bachelorette party!

  2. Liz says:

    Congratulations on the blessing. It sounds like it was very special. Can’t wait for the details of the bachelorette bash!

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