Ohio Weekend, Part 2: Seeing Family History

We headed out of Cincinnati early Friday morning bound for Warren. We stopped in Kettering, though, so I could see Kettering College of Medical Arts, where my mom went to nursing school. I know our visit there meant a lot to my mom, but it meant a lot to me also. It was so neat to see where she spent her college years.


The three-story building there on the left is the old building which housed entire school. The dorm rooms were on the top two floors, and the classrooms were on the first floor and in the basement. I believe my mom’s room was the first one on the second floor.

DSC_0027 (2)

In the new building, there are pictures from past years, including one of my mom and her friends. She’s the one on the right in the back. And yes, I look really rough in this picture. Please ignore how tired I was. There is also a uniform hanging that is similar to the ones my mom and her classmates wore.

visiting my mom's college

old nursing uniform

After leaving Kettering, we settled in for our long ride to Warren, although we did stop once more at an outlet mall (which was really disappointing). It was kind of neat though as it had a train theme. There was a train you could ride around the mall. It would be really cool for little kids.

We arrived in Warren with just two hours before the rehearsal, which went quite smoothly. The rehearsal dinner, though, was another story. We had a private room at The Chophouse, the restaurant associated with the hotel, and it was a *very* nice restaurant. However, the service was not. I felt *so* bad for Jon and Michelle. We all paid for our own drinks, and every time someone ordered one, the waitress would bring out a check and make comments every time she came around about how we could pay any time we were ready. Jon got *really* mad and actually went and talked to a manager about it. He really didn’t want checks being brought out constantly during dinner.

It was literally 30 minutes or so before they took our orders, and then it was another 45 minutes before our salads were brought out. I realize there were 25 of us but really, how long does it take to throw lettuce and 2 tomato slices in a bowl? The guy sitting next to me mentioned that he had forgotten all about the salads.

Despite the service, the food was excellent. I think everyone thought so. Everyone except the bride, that is, because they forgot to make her dinner. In the words of her sister, the maid of honor, how do you forget the bride’s food? She’s the most important person there!

It may not have been the best rehearsal dinner ever, but we all had a lot of fun hanging out and, hey, it sure makes for some great stories!

Up next: the wedding!

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  1. Casey says:

    I’ve always thought your brothers looked like your mom, but that I couldn’t place which parent you looked like more. Seeing your mom’s photos from when she was your age convince me you are her mini twin!

  2. Aahz says:

    Isn’t it just a little weird to be thinking about what your mother may have been DOING in that dorm room in college 😉

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