the engagement announcement

i have come to the realization that i am just not creative when it comes to post titles. oh well.

it turns out there was a perfectly good reason why our engagement announcement hasn’t run in the newspaper yet. they didn’t receive it. that makes sense. but whenever i called or emailed and left message after message inquiring when it would run and if they had received it, i got no response. not one. so i went over the head of the bridal editor to the lifestyles editor. it’s a good thing i used to work there. it’s nice to have connections. 🙂

what did that result in? i very rude and unhappy woman finally returning one of my numerous messages to let me know she hadn’t received it.

“did you get a confirmation email?” she asked.

well, no, i didn’t. but, please, show me where on the form it says that i will receive a confirmation email. i read and reread the announcement form forwards and backwards, and it just wasn’t there.

so i resubmitted our announcement. once again, no confirmation email. once again, i had to call several times before i got a hold of her. this time, though, she said she received it.

let’s just hope it runs.

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