Weight Watchers: Week 3

Result: +0.8
Total: -3.6

There it is — the dreaded weight gain. I knew it was going to happen, though. It’s my tom, and since I usually gain 2-3 pounds from that, only gaining 0.8 this week makes me a little happier. It’s better than it could have been.

I really wasn’t the model weight watcher last week. I didn’t track my food as well as I did the first two weeks. I keep my tracker in my purse, but I just never thought about it after I ate at work, and then I would forget everything I had. Sigh.

Last week wasn’t a great food week either. We had pizza twice — once by choice and once because that’s what my boss bought us for election night. We had been planning on Quiznos, which is why Joe and I had pizza on Monday night, but on Tuesday I found out our dinner plans had changed. I didn’t think I had been *too* bad though. Plus, I don’t eat cheese on my pizza, so that takes away a couple of points I would think.

I did receive a compliment, though. When I went to my seat after my weigh-in, one of the women next to me asked if I was close to my goal weight. When I told her I have 33 pounds to go to get to the top end of my healthy weight range, she looked me up and down and said, “Where are you going to lose that from??”

I guess we’ll see next week if the gain was from my tom or not. I’m finding it very hard to be motivated right now. What do you use to motivate you with your weight loss? Give me some help!!

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  1. Joe says:

    Don’t worry about it. You’ll bounce back next week!

  2. queersunited says:

    try veganism for best weightloss

  3. You’ll get back to losing when your *friend* disappears!

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