What happened to good customer service?

Have I mentioned how sick and tired I am of AT&T lately? No. Well then, I’m sick and tired of At&T. I don’t know why we switched. Oh yes I do. Because of the fabulous deals they offered us and then later told us we would never get.

Sigh. Today, I called to find out when my bill is due since we haven’t received a bill either through the mail or in our email. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that our bill is past due. Is the sending of a bill now obsolete? Is there another way to figure out when your bill is due that I’m not aware of? I’d sure like to know.

When I asked if I would be penalized since I never received a bill, the operator hung up on me. HUNG UP. We haven’t been impressed yet by AT&T’s less than stellar customer service, but this was the last straw. Once our contract with DirecTv is up in the spring, we will be switching back to Comcast for internet and cable services. They may be more expensive than AT&T, but we have never had a problem with their customer service employees and have never been treated like crap by them.

I just wish more people would leave AT&T so they would have a need to fix their customer service department.

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  1. I left the realms of AT&T many years ago because of their customer service, or the lack there off rather. You’d think that in todays customer oriented world AT&T would have gotten their eggs in a row. I guess not.

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