i’ve been tagged!

laura tagged me for this, so here we go…

five movies you can watch over and over again:
1. fever pitch
2. sweet home alabama
3. anne of green gables (i’m with you on this laura … i actually asked my mom where my movies were the other day!)
4. how to lose a guy in 10 days
5. notting hill

five embarrassing songs you know all the words to:
1. hit me baby one more time — britney spears
2. achy breaky heart — billy ray cyrus
3. miami — will smith
4. oops! i did it again — britney spears
5. stronger — britney spears
yes, there was a time when i liked britney spears. i am hanging my head in shame.

five memorable halloween costumes:
1. a crayon — we used to have a weekend home in the country in virginia and the neighborhood would have progressive halloween parties. when i was little my mom made crayon costumes for me and two of my friends there. we were pretty darn cute.
2. a french maid — i was little. do *not* read into this (ahem, joe!)
3. a farmer — i went as this to a halloween party at friend’s house in high school, complete with my stuffed pig. hehe.
4. myself — i have no imagination.
those are all i can remember. 🙁

five celebrities you believe may secretly be aliens:
1. tom cruise — scientology speaks for itself.
2. britney spears
3. cynthia mckinney — she’s not a celebrity so to speak, but she’s a public figure so i think she counts.
4. ashlee simpson
5. eminem

five occupations you could never hold:
1. kindergarten teacher — i don’t think i’d be good at teaching little kids.
2. nurse — i’m not good with blood, sticking people with needles or bathing/helping people go to the bathroom. oh, and the fact that i probably couldn’t pass nursing school eliminate this one.
3. doctor — echoing my blood sentiments
4. construction worker
5. lawyer

five books you’ve recently read outside of school:
1. confessions of a shopaholic — sophie kinsella
2. shopaholic takes manhatten — sophie kinsella
3. shopaholic ties the knot — sophie kinsella
4. shopaholic and sister — sophie kinsella (i had to read the whole series)
5. the devil wears prada

five ways to perfectly spend an afternoon:
1. at the park
2. at the pool
3. shopping
4. reading
5. watching movies

not your 5 favorite foods, but the 5 you’re most likely eating:
1. rice and corn (happens to be a favorite)
2. peanut butter sandwiches
3. subway veggie subs
4. grapes
5. reduced fat pringles

five lines you blatantly stole from a movie, tv, a commercial, or song:
i can’t think of anything. man i’m a boring person. heh.

five people who must immediately respond:(don’t worry “immediately” is relative)
1. jennifer
2. jenny
3. kjersten
4. liz
5. lisanne

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