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i’ve joined up on friday forum, and i’m answering this week’s questions a little early, but that’s ok. this week’s theme is thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. if any of you want to do this too, post a comment so i can come read your answers!

1. what do you plan to do for thanksgiving? (are you cooking? staying at home? going to visit family?)
i am spending thanksgiving at my parents’ house. we have a late lunch every year with my brothers and my grandparents. it’s wonderful. i can’t wait to share it with joe.

2. what are some thanksgiving traditions that you have?
our only tradition is our traditional meal every year. we have the same thing, and it is wonderful. we have the same meal at christmas too. mmmm. i’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

3. what is your favorite thing about thanksgiving?
spending time with family. i don’t get to see my family much, and now that i’m moving even farther away i’ll see them even less. it’s nice to spend the time with them. and it’ll be nice to spend the holiday with joe’s family too when we start alternating.

4. do plan to start christmas shopping after thanksgiving or are you already finished?
i bought one present today, but most of it will be done after thanksgiving. i need to start thinking of ideas. my brothers and dad are always hard to shop for!

5. think about what you are blessed with and list them if you’d like.
wow. i’m blessed with so much. i have a wonderful boyfriend, a wonderful family, a good job, two crazy great cats, great friends and god. times have been tough, but i’ve never had to go without. that’s a blessing in itself.

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