Birthday Surprise!

The party went off very well, considering several hurdles I ran into, like having to change the date at the last minute! It ended up working out quite well having it the day of our 3D ultrasound, though, because it was the perfect way to get Joe out of the house. My parents came up with an “excuse” as to why they couldn’t make it to the ultrasound, and it was *so* hard to keep a straight face when I told Joe. I thought I was going to blow it.

While Joe’s parents came with us to the ultrasound, my parents headed to our house to decorate and set everything up. Since the ultrasound didn’t go as planned, I had to kill time between when we left there and when we were supposed to arrive home. So what did we do? We went to the mall, and I ended up getting my shower dress, and an outfit for work.

When we got home, I asked Joe to get the mail since we hadn’t picked it up the day before, and I rushed into the house to join everyone else, who was gathered in the kitchen. When he walked in, we all shouted, “Surprise!”

birthday party 9

I planned a baseball themed party with stadium foods like hot dogs, nachos and peanuts, along with some non-stadium foods, and a local cake artist made the fabulous birthday cake. Everyone was really impressed with it.

birthday party 3

birthday party 2

We also had a pinata because, really, what’s a birthday party without a pinata?? It was pretty tough to break open, and Joe ended up knocking it off it’s cord. So, he beat it senseless on the ground!

birthday party 42

birthday party 35

birthday party 30

And, of course, there were presents. Joe got some neat things, including a “Baby’s First Pitch” kit, which came with an ink pad and a baseball with display case. It was really neat, and Joe is *so* excited about doing it with Lucy.

birthday party 17

The party was a blast, and Joe loved it. I just hate that I had to throw it so far before his birthday, but that’s what happens when our niece is due just a few days before his birthday! There will be celebrating closer to the big day, though. I’m taking him to a Braves game on Sept. 30, and I got him a ticket to go on the field for batting practice. He’s psyched about that, and I can’t wait to see him out there with the players!

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  1. Jenn says:

    I’m glad the surprise party went well! Looks like a lot of fun and I love the 30 pinata.

  2. alyndabear says:

    Looks like a great day! Love the baseball style foods. 😀

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