30 Weeks

Wow, am I really at 30 weeks?? With 9 weeks, 5 days to go, I’m in the first set of single digits! It just seems so close now, especially considering October begins next week, and a week from today I will be exactly two months from my due date.

The horrible ligament pain when I walk seems to have subsided a little. However, it’s still excrutiatingly painful for me to lay down, both from the ligament pain and pain from my sciatic nerve, and when I get up after laying down (like for my many bathroom trips during the night), walking is incredibly difficult. Last night, I could barely walk the first time I got up. It was bad. But, I just keep telling myself, 9 more weeks…9 more weeks. And did I mention I now have this extreme hunger? I am hungry ALL.THE.TIME. It’s insane. I can eat a meal and feel like I haven’t eaten a thing afterward. I would *love* for this to go away!

We really need to get going on decorating the nursery now. I know exactly where I want everything to go; I just need to go buy everything. If it turns out the way I’m imagining it will be so pretty.

I can’t believe how much we have going on in the next two months. Looking at the calendar on my sidebar kind of overwhelms me, but also makes me so excited. We have something going on almost every week, which is awesome. Being so busy will make the time fly by.

As excited as I am to meet our little girl, I’ve reached the point where I’ve become really nostalgic about losing the “just us”. In a couple of months, it won’t be just us anymore, and although I’m really looking forward to being a family, it makes me a little sad. Did any of you feel that way? We’re planning on still having date nights to have time with just us, so I think that will help.

Did I mention we have fewer than 10 weeks to go?? Holy cow!

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  1. Liz says:

    I have a suggestion for all of your pains… prenatal yoga. Trust me on this one. I don’t normally do yoga, but I’ve done it with both pregnancies & I swear by it. It is nothing like a normal yoga class & you don’t need to know anything about yoga to do it. It’s very, very easy, but somehow you always leave feeling so great. There was one woman in my class this time around that was having horrible back pains, so bad that she was afraid to do the yoga. But, her husband was a chiropractor & even he couldn’t do anything to help. So she tried the yoga & felt way better the next day. Most of the women I took it with agreed that they always slept better. Sciatic pain was everyone’s #1 complaint & it always helped it. Seriously, it’s super easy but it really helps. It also helps prepare you for labor.

    I highly recommend finding a class near you & giving it a try. I wasn’t too sure about it at first but I will be doing it again someday when we have our third child. I swear by it to help with the normal aches & pains.

  2. Ligament pain is horrible, but it’s getting you ready to have your beautiful baby.

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