halloween fun

joe’s office goes all out for halloween. with this year’s western theme in mind, joe and his friend came up with the greatest idea. dressed in dirty clothes, and with dirt on his face and a bloody hand and brain on a plate, joe was the sole survivor of the donner party. i thought it was great. he was planning on taping “donner, party of one” several times on his tape recorder to play but ran out of time. when i told my parents about his costume, my mom thought it was sick, and my dad thought it was great.

well, today he won third place in the costume contest, beaten by a cow, the second place winner, and an indian that won third place. i think portraying the donner party is way more creative than dressing as an indian or a cow. but i wasn’t a judge, so i digress.

we just had one of the best weekends ever. it was so relaxing. we shopped, and joe bought me the cinderella dvd. that’s the only disney movie i don’t have either on dvd or vhs, so i was really wanting it. my plan now is to get them all on dvd (but alas, beauty and the beast is already locked back up in the disney vault. sniff sniff.). we went out to dinner. we watched movies. i read. he played video games. it was fantastic.

tonight i head back down, minus the boys, to hand out candy to trick or treaters. silly joe didn’t buy any chocolate. how can you buy halloween candy and not buy chocolate? so i will be driving down laden with chocolate to give out to the kids. too bad i don’t have a costume.

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