going to the car wash

today i gave my trusty (or in some cases not-so-trusty) car a wash. it was in desperate need. it looked more gray than white. heh. so, since it’s wednesday which is ladies’ day, aka $2 off for women (according to the sign it is ladies day), off to the car wash we went.

now here in dalton, we are fortunate to have not one but two, count ’em two, car wash/detail places which happen to be about a block from each other. we are, apparantly, quite special. i went to the cheaper one because an outside wash will be the same at both places and i’ll take $3.99 ($2 because i’m a girl!) as opposed to $7.99 ($2 off there too) anyday.

i pulled up to the wash and after the nice man pre-washed my car, it started to move down the line. as the blue octopus-looking things started smacking down on my car, i started to think back to when we were younger. we had a cabin in the woods of virginia, and we went almost every weekend. on the way down, we always stopped for a car wash. my brothers were only 2 or 3 at the time, and every time we would go under the octopus-looking things they would throw their matching blankets over their heads, sreaming and crying until we were done.

it was so cute.

now every time i go to that car wash i smile as i think about my brothers and the car washes. it’s nice to relive memories. especially the ones that still make you laugh.

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