different personalities

i have so much fun watching my cats interact with each other or just play by themselves. they have such distinctive personalities. they’re both momma’s boys, but julius is more territorial and protective while aj is more outgoing and personable. here are some things i’ve observed over the last few weeks.

-whenever someone knocks on the door aj comes running and looks up to me as if to say, “it’s for me!”

-when dizzy and julius chase each other up and down the stairs, aj is always a few seconds behind them, wanting them to wait up.

-i put my contact case on my bathroom sink. i found it on my bedroom floor. the next day it was on the office floor, and today it’s on one of the stairs. my little clepto, aj, has been moving it around.

-aj eats with several of his toys, namely his mice. they’re his security blankets. i’ve watched him pick up a mouse, take into the kitchen, drop it in his food bowl and then eat.

-joe bought the cats a pack of mini mice the other day. dizzy and julius played with the mice. aj trotted around the living room carrying the empty box in his mouth. he’s crazy.

-julius has to make sure i’m alive and well when i take a shower. he sits on the floor in front of the shower, and when i call to him, he pushes his head through the shower curtain. aj’s joined in as well now, and he sits on the edge of the tub so i have a double line of defense.

-aj likes to sleep in my hair. he’ll get onto my pillow and bury his face in my hair and fall asleep. it’s so cute and comforting.

those are just a few funny anecdotes about my cats. i love having them around. they’re so loveable and so funny.

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