i’ve slowly but surely been working on our scrapbook. i wanted to make one on my relationship with joe to have at our wedding reception so our guests can look through it. i’ve finished several pages so far, but there’s so much more to do. i just found out they closed the scrapbook shop here, but i just found this great site that i’ll probably start using.

i thought i’d post pictures of the pages i’ve done so far and get your opinions. i don’t think i’m creative enough. sigh. any suggestions?

this is the story of how joe and i started dating. i did it last night and made joe drive around for a while when he got up here because i wasn’t done and wanted to surprise him. it’s not completely finished yet. i still have to put one picture in the bottom right corner. i’m using one from one of the steak nights at joe’s kiwanis club.

this is a closeup of the hearts on the “our story” page.

this is the page i did on aj. we’re each doing a page on our cats since they are huge parts of our lives.

this is julius’s page. it’s not done yet. i’m going to write the story of how i came to own him.

our first valentine’s day. *sigh*. heh. the first time we said “i love you.” 🙂

our six-month anniversary.

this is from the riverbend festival we went to in chattanooga. it was the first time joe had been there.

this is the trip to new york that we took with joe’s parents, sister and her fiance. i still have to put another picture or something in the bottom left corner.

this is from the fair we went to last month in bartow county.

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