2 games in 1

the braves made baseball history. the fourth game in the postgame series against the astros last 18 innings. yep. two whole games.

and the braves didn’t win. sigh.

i thought we had it in the bag when adam laroche hit a grand slam in the 3rd. catcher brian mccann hit a home run. the score was 6-1 in the 8th. bring in the braves bullpen. and i use the word bullpen loosely because they suck. really suck. kyle farnsworth gave the astros a grand slam in the 8th and another home run in the 9th to tie the score.

then start the extra innings that keep going and going and going…joe and i didn’t think the game would end before the yankees/a’s game started at 7:30 p.m.

each team held the other at 6 runs. the braves were running low on bullpen relief. the astros were out of their pitchers, so they called in roger clemens, who started in game 2. i was shocked, partly because he had started just two days ago and partly because he’s 43 and had just started two days ago.

we continued to hold the astros, and joe and i kept saying, next inning we’ll get a run. that was until the bottom of the 18th when joey devine gave up a home run to chris burke.

game over.

no more postseason play for the braves.

what a crappy game.

i just hope the yankees lose tonight to the astros. that’s the only thing that’ll cheer me up from this.

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