Introducing . . .

Lucy Jane Schulman was born Nov. 21, 2009 at 1:01 p.m. She weighed 6 lbs, 14 oz. and was 20 inches long. And, well, she has completely stolen our hearts. But, really, look at this sweet little face. It’s no wonder we totally fell in love with her.

lucy 35

lucy 107

lucy 1

We’re exhausted but so happy. The doctor told me today that Lucy is perfect, but we already knew that! We’re heading home tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll get time to share my birth story.

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Hi! Iā€™m a wife to a wonderful husband, mom to a beautiful and active (to put it lightly) kiddo, and fur-mom to 3 crazy cats. Iā€™m a former journalist. I quit my full time job two years ago. Now, I am a freelance writer and a virtual assistant for several bloggers!

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  1. Jynn says:

    Oh yay!! She’s beautiful! Congratulations

  2. Red says:

    Oh wow! She’s just perfect newborn size! I wish mine had been that big! How adorable! Best wishes! Can’t wait to see more pics!

  3. Jenn says:

    Congrats! She’s adorable!

  4. k says:

    Congratulations. She is a cutie!

  5. connie says:

    Congratulations again, Cady & Joe~Lucy is absolutely adorable!

  6. Tamsyn says:

    Congratulations, she is perfect! Can’t wait for more photos šŸ™‚

  7. Caroline says:

    Congratulations! She is absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to hear more from you. Enjoy this special time. x

  8. jenn says:

    She’s beautiful! Get some rest and take care of yourself!

  9. Christina says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter!

  10. Lisanne says:

    I am just SO happy for you guys. LOVE that sunglasses photo! LOL! šŸ™‚ Enjoy your homecoming, and good luck with that first night home! šŸ™‚ Can’t wait to read your birth story. I just love her name, too. Adorable.

  11. Amber says:

    Aww…she is too precious!!! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl, Cady!!!

  12. Liz says:

    She’s so beautiful! And you all look so happy (saw the pictures on facebook). I’m looking forward to your birth story, when you have time. Try to get some rest when you can!

  13. kristi says:

    Yay! Congratulations!! šŸ˜€

  14. Jess says:

    Oh, she is so beautiful and perfect! Congratulations! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this post from you for AGES. So happy for you guys that she’s finally here!

  15. Claudia says:

    She is lovely and perfect and congratulations on her arrival!

  16. corrin says:

    Congratulations! Love the glasses. She’s stylin’ already!

  17. Sara says:

    Congratulations to you guys. I remember how you longed to have a child, now, look at what you have and marvel in the miracle! šŸ™‚ Get some rest mama, your life has now changed.

  18. [v] says:

    Wow. That first photo is so gorgeous!

  19. heidikins says:

    She is beautiful!! Congrats to you both!


  20. Maureen says:

    Lucy is very photogenic! She is beautiful-

  21. Ben says:

    Yea! Congrats Cady and Joe, and welcome Lucy! The fun has just begun!

  22. Barbara says:

    Congratulations! She’s a beautiful baby! šŸ™‚

  23. Maureen says:

    Great pictures of Lucy; looking forward to more once you get a chance!

  24. Mrs. Hammer says:

    She is beautiful! Congratulations. Love the shades šŸ™‚

  25. alyndabear says:

    She is perfect.. I am so thrilled for you guys. From a challenging start, to a beautiful baby girl. All the best! šŸ˜€

  26. Karen says:

    She is the most adorable baby! Congratulations.

  27. kami says:

    CONGRATS!! I can’t believe she’s here! How exciting, she’s gorgeous! šŸ™‚

  28. Diane Scott says:

    It’s been a while so I had to back up several posts only to discover… CONGRATULATIONS!! She’s adorable!

  29. Oh congratulations! I’m so very happy for you and yours! She’s a cutie alright šŸ™‚

  30. Congratulations! She is beautiful. You are so blessed to have her. God bless Lucy!!

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