The Holidays 2009

The holidays this year were so much fun now that we have little Lucy around. I thought back to last year when we were planning our IVF cycle, not knowing if we would be successful, and this year we have a 1 month old. It’s just amazing.

Our celebrations started earlier this month with Hanukkah at Joe’s parents’. Lucy was only 3 weeks old, so she slept through most of the evening, but it was fun having her there and opening her presents for her.

hanukkah 10

hanukkah 54

It was also Lucy’s first time meeting her cousin, Rivka, who is 7 weeks older. Neither girl was really into it, but the parents sure had fun!

hanukkah 5

And, since it was the girls’ first Hanukkah, Joe’s mom got them “My First Chanukah” bibs.

hanukkah 69

hanukkah 77

We spent Christmas with my family. It was only two weeks after Hanukkah, but Lucy was much more alert and awake, which made it so much fun. We bought an outfit just for Christmas Eve.

christmas 6

Isn’t that the cutest little reindeer you’ve ever seen?? She was such a good baby and sat on my lap as we all opened presents. She made out better than anyone! We debated awhile before deciding on what to get her, and finally purchased the Fischer Price Bounce and Spin Zebra. Since she’s not really old enough to play with anything yet, I wanted to get her something she could use next year. I hope she’ll like it!

christmas 35

One of our friends bought Lucy a “My First Christmas” sleeper, which I changed her into after we opened presents. I think she was getting annoyed with all the outfits!

christmas 27

On Christmas Day, Lucy showed off her Santa dress, which she was less-than-thrilled to wear. She didn’t last long in it!


We had such a nice holiday, and I’m now looking forward to next year and seeing Lucy with her cousins, Harrison and Marshall. It’s going to be so much fun!

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  1. Carol says:

    Lucy is sooo cute, especially in the reindeer outfit. And Laura has that same blue/brown outfit! I love it b/c it is so snuggly warm. Two babies with great fashion taste 😀

  2. Lisanne says:

    Isn’t it amazing how much can change in a year? So glad you had wonderful holidays! Cute photos!

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