Snowstorm 2010

When the meteorologists say we are expected to get snow here in metro Atlanta, I never believe them. Snow doesn’t usually happen here, and if we do get snow, it melts as soon as it hits the ground. Last week, though, the meteorologists were right. The snow started falling early Friday afternoon and didn’t let up until late that night. It was nice looking out the window at work and seeing everything covered in white.




When we got home, we took Lucy out for a few minutes. She was OK with everything until I put her feet in the snow. Then, she wasn’t too thrilled. She’s the cutest little snow bear ever, though!


The next day, the snow was still around in the morning, so we went back out. Lucy didn’t last too long (I think it might have been a little cold for her), so we built a small snowman before heading back in.




By the afternoon, most of the snow had melted, but our snowman was standing strong.


We got a couple of inches total. We were supposed to get more yesterday but didn’t. I found it humorous that the meteorologist on one of the Atlanta TV stations said it was currently snowing in Cartersville, yet there was nothing falling. So ends the great snowstorm of 2010.

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