Three Months


Dear Lucy,
I cannot believe you have already been in our family for three months. You are such a joy to have around. Saying that makes me sound like your grandma (because that’s something she would say), but it’s the truth. You fill our lives with so much happiness. Sure, you have your fussy moments (usually when we need you to *not* fuss), but you’re also such a happy baby. You smile all the time — when I get you up in the mornings, when we make faces at you and when you and Daddy have your play time.

What else have you done in the last month? You coo and “talk” to us now. We can tell you’re going to be a chatterbox once you finally do start talking. You “talk” to us constantly! You hold your head up a lot more. Sure, it still lolls to the side at times, but you don’t like to lean it against us anymore. When we’re holding you, you pull your head up and hold it straight. You’re a determined little girl.

You’ve also started to laugh. It’s the sweetest noise ever, and it ranks right up there in cuteness with your coughs and sneezes (which are ridiculously adorable). And, you love music. You kick your little legs along to the music on TV shows, and you love Abba. It’s our “car” music. We listen to it every day when I take you to the babysitter’s. You’re my little Dancing Queen.

Oh, and did I mention that you found your feet? You *love* your feet. You sit and stare at them for hours as you kick them, turn them back and forth, and then you look at us with this expression on your face like you want to say, “Hey! Did you know I have FEET???” I *love* watching you discover new things.

Although I get a little sad and nostalgic as each month passes, I look forward to seeing you grow and being able to do more and more things with you. You’re my little Sunshine.

I love you,

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