Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

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I hate mosquitoes. They’re one thing I absolutely hate about summer (besides the insane heat, of course). Mosquitoes are really annoying, and mosquito bites are horrendously annoying! Nothing, including calamine lotion, seems to help when I get mosquito bites. Besides the annoyance, mosquitoes can carry diseases like the West Nile Virus, which is something I always think about whenever I see the bugs flying around.

I’m lucky that where I live there doesn’t seem to be a huge problem with mosquitoes. We don’t have a pool or a bird bath or anything like that, so we don’t have a problem with standing water, which is typically what attracts mosquitoes. My parents, however, have a small lake in their backyard, so they could have more of a problem with the bugs. I think I might talk to them about getting a mosquito magnet. I read a mosquito magnet review, and everyone seems to really like the product. People who have used the product say that they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the outdoors without it. That says a lot to me.

I definitely think this is something my parents should try so we can really enjoy the lake this summer and not have to worry about any mosquitoes ruining it for us. Do any of you have mosquito problems where you live? Have you tried anything to get rid of them?

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