it’s the middle of summer

and we finally made it to the pool. i’ve been dying to use joe’s pool since it opened on memorial day, but i always forgot to take my bathing suit with me. last weekend, however, i remembered, and sunday afternoon we walked down for an afternoon in the water.

joe dove right in while i tried to brave the sun beating down to get a tan. i made it about 20 minutes before i had to get in and cool off. i had taken the waterproof camera we had bought for the 4th of july float down the river in blue ridge that didn’t happen thanks to the rain, so we took some pictures of us enjoying our first day at the pool.

joe was obsessed with taking pictures underwater. “it IS a water camera,” he said.

this is joe sitting on the bottom of the pool.

this is a not-so-cute me swimming toward joe.

i was sitting on joe’s lap when i took this picture, hence why my feet are sticking out behind him. 🙂

some ok pics of me. joe likes the bottom one for some reason.

and finally, a cute pic of us.

woo…i love the pool.

well, the pictures aren’t showing up right now for some reason. i’ll put them back up later.

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