Bouncing Back

Joe’s feeling better now that he’s a week post sinus surgery.

Of course, that’s after having a dentist sucker stuck up his nose all the way back to his throat on Tuesday when he went in to get his packing out. That was not so pleasant.

I didn’t realize how hard sinus surgery would be. I figured, eh, he’s not having surgery on a major limb, so he’ll be fine. But, there are still big restrictions. When you can’t bend over or lift anything, you realize how little you can really do. The first night was pretty rough, but we were really impressed with how little bleeding there really was (though Joe thought he was going to bleed out and die!). He healed quite well.


Grandma came up to watch Lucy while we were at the hospital, and she graciously offered to stay the rest of the day to help me out, which was great considering I had to run a bunch of errands for Joe. Plus, it let me focus on Joe and gave Grandma some good bonding time with Lucy.


I spent last week going back and forth between Joe and Lucy. Joe was SUCH an easy patient, which was great because Lucy FLIPPED OUT whenever I left the room to check on her daddy. Finally, I decided it would be easier to just have them both in one room.


The worst part of the surgery for Joe wasn’t the pain or discomfort but the fact that he couldn’t hold Lucy. Boy, did he miss cuddling his baby girl. He’s sure making up for lost time now, and Lucy isn’t complaining!

Is he glad he did it? I think so. Would he do it again? Not a chance!

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  1. Mandy says:

    Sinus surgery is yucky stuff! Why did Joe have sinus surgery? For a dental implant? Hope he has a quick recovery!

  2. Joe says:

    So, you couldn’t post a photo of how I look now post-surgery???? 🙂

  3. Aly says:

    Youch – it sounds awful just hearing about it. I hope you recover soon Joe, and are all fixed.

    Gosh, Lucy is just so cute.

  4. Jenn says:

    Scott has had sinus surgery twice and he said the worst part was having the packing pulled out! The second doctor used something different, can’t remember what, and didn’t have NEARLY the packing material which was nice for him. Unfortunately the surgery benefits don’t last long for him, so he’s already planning on doing it again.

  5. Sara says:

    I hope he’s doing better!

    I’m really surprised to see that packing is still used. Greg had his sinus surgery done last October and they didn’t use packing at all. It was relatively easy on him. He goes back this month for another follow-up. It was for polyps and for a deviated septum. He doesn’t have his sense of smell all the time, which is what prompted them to look for polyps.

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