happy birthday to my brothers

today my brothers turned 20.

i still can’t believe it. i remember how excited i was when they were born in 1985. i wanted to hold them. i wanted to read to them. i wanted to show them off to all my friends. i had twin baby brothers. i was so proud to be a big sister.

as we got a little bit older we began to fight, as siblings do. but with two against one, i always lost. i still remember the hitting and the hair pulling and the name calling.

and it makes me laugh, because everything has changed. my brothers are adults now. they’re in college. they’re choosing careers. they give me advice, and i advise them. we talk about their girlfriends and my boyfriend (i really like the girls they’re dating, and they really like joe). they’re my friends now. looking at them tonight at their birthday dinner i thought about how proud i still am of them. they’re still my baby brothers, but now they’re men. good men. i’m so proud to be their sister.

happy birthday randy and ryan. i love you guys.

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