feeling alone

joe left just before 5 a.m. today to head to the atlanta airport for his flight to philadelphia. he and wendy and leah, the two other university relations specialists at georgia state university, are up there until friday at a public relations convention. I’m sure they’ll learn all sorts of fun job-related things and have fun just getting to know each other better, but i’m really missing him. a lot. i didn’t think i’d miss him much more than usual since we never see each other on wednesdays and thursdays, but then i remembered that we email each other all day. so i’m missing that. and i’m missing being able to call him and talk.

we had a good night last night though. he didn’t get home until close to 9 p.m. because of a bad wreck on the interstate, and when he called he said all he wanted to do was to get home and see me. he held me for a while when he got in, and then we went out to get take-out for dinner and watch reno 911. he got me hooked on that show when we were just friends.

so now i’m counting down until friday. it’s going to be a great weekend. we have lots of stuff planned with both of our families for father’s day, which will be fun, but i just can’t wait to see joe.

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