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Lucy doesn’t walk much on her own at home. We can usually get her to take a few steps if we hold up our phones or iPods as bait, but she’s pretty content to crawl. I guess she realizes it’s faster than walking and won’t cause her to fall on her booty.

On Thursday, we met up with my mom’s group at the mall for play time at the mall’s soft play area. I was standing to the side chatting with one of my friends when I looked over and saw this:

lucy walking at mall 1

lucy walking at mall 3

lucy walking at mall 2

That would be my daughter standing up on her own and walking. And, see that slide in the last picture? Yeah, she also climbed up the stairs to the top. Once I got over the initial shock of seeing Lucy walking around like it’s second nature to her (because she DOESN’T walk around like it’s second nature to her), I ran after her, telling her what a good job she was doing and how proud I was of her. Because I was totally the proudest mom ever.

Last night, we went outside after work and I stood her up in the yard to let her walk around a bit. She promptly sat down and started to crawl. I guess she only walks when there are other kids around to impress. I think we’ll be making more trips to the soft play area at the mall to give Lucy more practice with walking.

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  1. Amber says:

    That is hilarious!! I’m sure she’ll start walking more soon. I wish we had a soft play area in our mall…they look pretty neat.

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