wishing i was computer savvy

my computer is having problems. it’s been running reaaaaaaaally slow lately and i’m being bombarded by internet explorer popups (even though i don’t use internet explorer), so i called tech support at my local internet provider. they were absolutely no help. then a friend linked into my computer via vnc (such a great program!) cleaned up a bunch of things and told me a third spyware program to download. my computer’s running faster, but when i got home this morning i had about 30 popups. you would think that three spyware programs would take care of them.
that’s not all…for some reason, my operating system won’t boot up unless the cd is in the drive. that’s obviously not normal. i discussed it with joe’s sister’s fiance this morning and we came to the conclusion that it will have to be reformatted. now i must burn everything i want to save to cds. that is going to be a pain. it’ll probably be worth it in the long run, but for now i’m getting a headache just thinking about it.

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