A Tiggerific Time

Lucy celebrated her first birthday on Sunday with a Tigger bash. We had the party at my former church, and the fellowship hall was the perfect space. There was plenty of room for all the tables plus space for the kids to play, and play they did! They had a blast being pulled around in Lucy’s new wagon, courtesy of Granana.



We also brought a bunch of Lucy’s toys for the kids to enjoy.


My princess wore the tutu I made her and a t-shirt that said “Happy 1st Birthday Lucy”. It also had a Tigger on it, of course. Her former babysitter made her the cutest corkscrew bow, but it didn’t last long as Lucy HATES having things on her head.


The decor was simple, but it turned out exactly how I had envisioned it. Most of the decorations were hand-made, which is something I really wanted. I ordered a Tigger banner that spelled out Lucy’s name off Etsy. I looked EVERYWHERE for a “Happy Birthday” banner in orange but couldn’t find one. It was amazing how hard it was to find items in orange, especially since I started looking around before Halloween. I was a little disappointed that the one I found didn’t match the Tigger colors, but it was OK.



I made the centerpieces myself. I was going to have Tigger faces sticking out of the top, but I actually thought they looked good without that.


And, I found Tiger stripe ballons, so we used those along with black balloons.


I set up a table with a signature mat for everyone to sign, and I decorated it with two pictures of Lucy — one from the day she was born and a recent picture — and with a bouquet of flowers. I loved how it turned out.


And, we had a coloring table for the older kids.


The food was simple — hot dogs, chips, potato salad, pasta salad, fruit and veggies. And, of course, there was cake. The main event was a Tigger cake.


There also was a second sheet cake because we were expecting more than actually came, and Lucy had TWO smash cakes. All the cakes were made by one of our coworkers and were delicious!


Lucy was a little hesitant at first when we put her cakes in front of her.



Then, she got the hang of it and really started to go to town.




After the cake was sufficiently destroyed, we got Lucy cleaned up and helped her open her presents. She was getting tired by then and wasn’t too into it, although she did love the tea set she got!



Harrison had fun pushing Lucy around on her new little vehicle.



The party was a huge success, and Lucy was so worn out afterward that she took a 1 1/2 hour nap, woke up for about 45 minutes and then went down again for the night! It’s still hard to believe that I’m the mommy of a one year old!

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  1. Amber says:

    It looks like such a fun party!! I saw those signs on Etsy, too!

  2. Tamsyn says:

    Congrat’s Cady it sounds like a perfect day!!

  3. Jenn says:

    Happy birthday, Lucy! Looks like a great party 🙂

  4. Lisanne says:

    She’s such a big girl now!!! Beautiful party ~ sounds like it was a wonderful day! Love your decorations!

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