Our (un)Happy Thanksgiving

I wasn’t sure we’d been celebrating Thanksgiving with our families this year. It was kind of a depressing thought since last year we stayed home because I was still recovering from childbirth. But, both Joe and I weren’t feeling so hot the Monday before Thanksgiving. I had a viral infection, and Joe was battling a stomach bug. Blech.

But, when Thanksgiving morning rolled around, both of us were feeling better. I still wasn’t back to normal, but I was on antibiotics, and Joe was feeling pretty good, so we decided to pack up and head to the mountains to spend the day with Joe’s family.

We arrived right before lunch and had a pretty good day. Lucy and Rivka are still learning how to play together, and they are so cute together. On Thursday night, they had story time with Aunt Rachel.



And, the cousins did some reading on their own.


That night, the girls took a bath together and had a BLAST. Seriously. I have never seen so much splashing before. Rivka made Lucy laugh so hard she fell over. And, I don’t think the four of us adults stopped laughing either.


That night is when our weekend went downhill. Around dinnertime, I started noticing that the thought of eating made my stomach churn. I kind of shrugged it off, but it just intensified. Around 11 p.m., I began my all-night marathon of going back and forth between our bedroom and the bathroom. Seriously. All freaking night. The worst part was when Joe’s mom came up to check on me. There’s nothing worse than throwing up in front of your mother-in-law.

And so began our weekend from hell. We headed out Friday morning and spent the weekend holed up at home. I felt like crap, and Joe started feeling bad again too. We were one pathetic couple. And, making both parents of a 12-month-old sick at the same time is a cruel, cruel joke.

Apparently, some kind of stomach virus/bug is going around as many of my Facebook friends posted about being sick as well. And, I passed it on to my in-laws. Joe’s parents, Rachel and Dave all were sick on Monday night. Joe and I were still feeling bad up until today, which was the first day in more than a week that I have been ridiculously nauseous. Hooray!

So, that was our Thanksgiving. At least it was fun for the few hours we weren’t sick!

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  1. Amber says:

    I’m so sorry you were feeling bad! It’s been going around here, but luckily, we haven’t gotten it.

    Hope you are both feeling better and Lucy doesn’t get it.

  2. gff says:

    Oh man, I am so sorry!!! It’s been going around here, as well. At least you got some adorable pictures… so cute!!

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