Weekly Totals 01/08

This year, I have a couple of goals in regards to my grocery shopping. First, is to keep a spreadsheet every week of what I spend and what I save, which will help me reach my second goal — to spend only $40 a week on groceries. Now, that’s an average so if there are a few weeks that I go over $40, I would hopefully be under a few weeks to make up the difference.

My first week of 2011 wasn’t too bad. I definitely didn’t have the best week savings-wise, but I only went over my $40 by $5, which I think is a success, especially since last year I spent around $50 a week. Because of Snowpocalypse 2011, which I will post about later, I have a feeling there won’t be much grocery shopping happening this week, if any, which definitely makes up for going over a little this week.

Onto the totals. Last week, I got $82.62 worth of groceries for $45.76, which is a savings of 45 percent. I went to three stores last week — Publix is in black, Kroger is in blue and Food Lion is in red.

groceries 1-08-11
As I said, not my best week ever, but it was still a savings, and I only went over my budget by $5.76.

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  1. Amber says:

    That’s awesome, Cady!! My goal is $50/week. I’m getting closer, but still not there. Putting it in writing on the blog does help with some accountability.

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