Weekly Totals — 02/11/11

This was another pretty great week. I went a little bit over my goal of $40 a week, but I stocked up on about six months worth of cat food, plus more Morningstar products (rain check!) and lunch items, so I feel like it was a good week. I made two trips on Wednesday because the penny item was Publix 2-liter soda. Since my husband and I LOVE the Publix grape soda, I went twice with two penny coupons. One of the managers bagged my groceries during my second trip and seemed impressed with my savings. And, I got $20 in Publix gift cards this week! I have one more coupon for a $10 gift card that I will use next week. Those will be nice to have for the future.

This week, I spent $54.89 and got $236.57 worth of items for a savings of 77%. If you want to see a more detailed list of what I got, click here.

I’m really hoping that I can get to my goal of $40 a week soon. Hopefully after I’m done stocking us up on some of our essentials that will be easier to do.

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