Tornadoes pummeled the Chattanooga and North Georgia areas last night. My parents called around 7 p.m. and said they had been hit by a tornado. They were out on the front porch watching the storm when the heard the unmistakable sound of a train coming toward them.

Luckily, their home was only moderately damaged with shingles being torn off the roof. A tree fell on my grandparents’ deck next door but missed the house. However, from what I’ve been told, their property is a mess from trees being knocked down. When I get pictures from my brothers, I’ll post them.

Even scarier than the tornado, though, was the fact that my grandmother was missing for six hours. She apparently headed out to the grocery store around 3 p.m. without telling anyone, and my parents discovered she was gone when they went to check on my grandparents after the storm hit. My brothers went out looking for her and couldn’t find her. We feared the worse. But, she ended up arriving at one of her friends’ house right after my brothers arrived there looking for her. She had been driving around trying to find a way home since trees fell down and blocked all the access points to my parents’ house.

Everyone is still without electricity in my parents’ area, and they think they’ll be without it for several days. At least everyone is safe. That’s all that matters.

We got hit in my area, too, but nowhere near as bad as Chattanooga and areas north of us like Ringgold did. We had possible tornadoes hit the northern area of our county, and I’m hoping to get some pictures this weekend. If I do, I’ll post them. Please keep everyone in the south in your prayers.

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  1. Amber says:

    I’m so glad everyone is safe! It sounds like it was pretty scary out there last night.

  2. Kendra says:

    We had minimal hail damage to our siding and our vehicles. We are still without phone (land line) and power. Our friends got called home from work after that first storm came through Wednesday a.m. with a tree on their house (older mobile home), a huge tree. My mom lives in the Cave Spring area and they got their power back on last night. There have been so many homes destroyed, and lives lost. It’s such a helpless feeling. Hubby drives a big truck and went through Ringold yesterday. He said it was a mess. Just saw the videos of Tuscaloosa on tv at my mom’s this a.m., so sad. 🙁 Glad everyone on your end is ok too.

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