Monkeys and Pools

So, let’s catch up, shall we?

Memorial Day weekend was full of firsts for Lucy — her first trip to the zoo and her first pool party! We spent Saturday night at my parents’ house and got to go on a date to see Bridesmaids (hilarious!). The next day, my family headed to the Chattanooga Zoo to celebrate my grandma’s 84th birthday. That was what she had requested to do.

We started out with a picnic lunch. Lucy had to eat her PB&J with a fork because she has to eat EVERYTHING with a fork.

photo (5)

My mom made mini cupcakes to celebrate Bomma’s birthday. They were a big hit.




My parents brought all three kids boxes of animal crackers. How did they know that’s Lucy’s favoritest thing EVER right now??


It was REALLY hot, which made me sick. But, aside from that, it was fun, especially pointing out all the animals to Lucy.





On Memorial Day, we went to a friend’s house for a cookout/pool party. Well, a pool party for the kids, that is. We got Lucy changed quickly into her ridiculously adorable bathing suit and plopped her in the pool. She promptly slipped and went under. But, she stood right back up (after freaking out for a minute, of course). But, I think that scared her because, even though she loves water, she did NOT want to be in the pool after that.

But, being the great parents that we are, we put her back in anyway. Hey, she has to face her fear, right?? She played with some toys.



She laughed at her friends.


She slipped again and went under, but once again, stood right back up.



And, she reached numerous times for me and Joe to get her out of the pool. Joe took pictures of it. I know, we’re mean.



When she wasn’t in the pool, she was getting in and out of this car repeatedly. Seriously. She could not leave it alone.

photo (9)

It was a great weekend, and we really need a weekend to recuperate from it. Maybe next weekend…

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