Couponing Update

Couponing has been going really well for me, and I’m finally starting to be able to put portions of my grocery money every pay period away to be used for a credit card payment. It’s taken a while (probably because I was one of those who got caught up in it and bought everything at the beginning), but now I’m seeing some results.

I’ve been really bad at updating my spreadsheets every week, but last week, I spent $22 for around $107 worth of groceries. Not too bad!

I love shopping at Publix, but lately I’ve been thinking about learning to coupon at other stores. I HATE our local Kroger (it always has the feel like someone’s been murdered there), but a local woman on TLC’s Extreme Couponing bought $1,313 worth of items there and got paid $0.31 after all was said and done. I’d love to learn how to save like that at Kroger.

Another option is Wal-Mart, which is another store I really try to avoid. They do price match now, which could probably help the savings add up, but without coupons for walmart to stack with manufacturers coupons, I don’t think I’d save as much.

Hopefully, I’ll get back to doing my spreadsheets this week. It’s really good for me to be able to see what I’m spending and where it’s all going.

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