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Joe is an avid runner. He does several short-to-medium-length runs a week, and on the weekends, he does his long run. 

And, when he runs, he definitely needs to take a cell phone with him. He’s been chased by dogs and has to deal with people driving on these country roads in the dark, and it’s necessary for him to be able to get a hold of me and for me to be able to get a hold of him.

However, we don’t really like him running with his Android phone. I would hate for anything to happen to it with the sweat from his run or if it accidentally got dropped. We’re thinking about getting something like a TracFone that you can use and pay as you go. We don’t need a monthly plan. We just need something that we can prepay for a certain number of minutes and then go. And, something that won’t really upset us if he drops it. I’d like to know if there are any real TracFone customers who use their phones like we are planning to.

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What I didn’t realize is that there are so many features with the TracFone, like being able to have Internet access and a full QWERTY keyboard. We definitely don’t need those features for what we want to use it for, but for other customers, it’s great. There are some great testimonials from real TracFone customers

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