Weekly Totals 02/03

Wow. I am still amazed by last week’s shopping trip. I wanted to get a great scenario to hit $100 before coupons so I could get the $10 Publix gift card. I had a ton of free product coupons, and I had two rain checks from the previous week, so I was hoping those items were back in stock as it would give me $20 toward my total and I’d get them all for free. Unfortunately, only the tuna was back in stock. That leaves my 10 free boxes of popcorn for another trip.

So, for $150 in groceries before sales and coupons, my total was $37. BUT, I had a $25 Publix gift card, so I only paid $12 OOP for 92 percent savings! AND, I got my $10 gift card to use on my next trip.

Here’s my haul:
(4) bags of frozen veggies (free plus overage)
(2) packages of Carefree pantyliners ($0.14 total)
(1) Santitas tortilla chips ($2)
(1) Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (free product coupon)
(1) Aleve ($3 coupons = $1.99)
(1) Hamburger buns ($0.99)
(1) Bread ($1.89)
(2) Kikkoman soy sauce (2-$1 coupon = $0.78 total)
(1) Barilla whole grain spaghetti ($1/2 = $0.23 total)
(4) Pop Secret popcorn (free product coupons)
(2) 1.25 L Cokes (B1G1 = $0.99 total)
(2) Lloyds BBQ tubs (2-$1/1 = $3.99 total)
(1) Sponges ($2.49)
(6) Starkist tuna pouches (free plus overage)
(2) Buddig turkey breast pouch ($1.78)
(1) Oscar Mayer turkey breast tub ($3.34)
(1) Box Kraft Mac n Cheese (free product coupon)
(4) Boxes GM cereals (2-$1.75/2 = $3.28 total)
(4) Boxes Cheez-Its (2-$1/2 = $4.78)
(12) Jars baby food (free plus overage)
(1) Box Minute Rice ($1/1 = $1.29)
(4) Muir Glen tomato sauce (2-$1/2 = $1.56 total)
(2) Jars Pace salsa ($1/2, 2-$1/1 = $2.58 total)
(1) Bag Kings Hawaiian rolls ($1/1 = $1.50)
(1) Cherry 7Up 12-pack (free product coupon)
(1) Canada Dry Ginger Ale 12-pack (free product coupon)

I’m psyched about all the lunch items I got for Joe, plus the free soda. Here’s hoping I don’t spend anything through Thursday so I can stick my leftover grocery money back in the bank!

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