Turning 32

On Monday, I turned 32. As much as I hate getting older, it wasn’t too bad. 🙂

We started off the day with our traditional breakfast at Wes-Man’s. There’s nothing like one of their HUGE biscuits and some home fries. Yum! Joe also had my name put on the truck again. One of these years they’ll get it right. Last year, they put “Cody.” This year, it was “Kady.”



Lucy seemed to know it was Mommy’s name!


For lunch, we took Lucy to McDonald’s to play, and then we went to Provino’s for my (free!) birthday dinner. When we got back, we made a quick stop at Publix (or, as Lucy likes to call it, Pubbox) and picked up THE MOST DELICIOUS cake EVER. Chocolate fudge with a HUGE chocolate covered strawberry on top. OH.MY.GOSH. Yeah, it was THAT good.


Lucy wanted to help blow out the candles.


The best part of the day, though, was hearing Lucy say “Happy Birthday, Mommy” over and over and over in the car. Love it!


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