Spartan Race!

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Have you ever heard of the Spartan Race? If your husband isn’t a hard-core running geek like mine, you might not have, but boy is this one race Joe wants to run.

While there is some running involved, it’s more of an obstacle course. There are four levels, so there’s something for everybody. The Spartan Sprint is a 3-mile course for newbies and experienced runners alike. Appoximately 95 percent of people attemping that course will finish.

The Super Spartan is an 8-mile course of “insane” obstacles mean to build endurance. Top finishers gain entry to the Spartan Beast or Spartan Death Race.

The Spartan Beast is a 10-12-mile “obstaclerace from hell.” The most infamous obstacle is the “short cut”, in which runners cut off more than half the course and rendering themselves incomplete. Top finishers get free entry to the Spartan event of their choice.

Last is the Spartan Death Race, which is the highest level. According to the race website, many people will break and continue to attempt this level for decades.

Have any questions? Check out the FAQ’s here: 

There are a number of Spartan Races scheduled for this year but, unfortunately, none in Georgia or anywhere near our fine state. My hubby will be disappointed. What about you? Is this something you’d want to try?

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