New Way to Play Games

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So, here's a new kind of toy that you can play with by using your iPhone or Android device. AppGear has come out with a line of toys that you connect to your phones in order to play them.

For example, according to PC Magazine, with the game Foam Fighters, a line of small, digitized airplanes is attached to your phone, which you can use to fly them through different simulated scenarios. In ZombieBurbz, zombies fight against humans interactively on your tablet or smartphone. PC Magazine says players can “set traps and fight off angry human neighbors.” There are four packs of zombies, each coming with its own unique storyline and a total of 36 missions.

Other games in the AppGear line include EliteCommanderAR, Alien JailBreak and Mysterious Ray Gun. This really shows how the 21st century technology is having an impact on everything, and it seems like AppGear and WowWee are really on the forefront of a new kind of way to play games because, really, what kind doesn’t have a smart phone or tablet these days? Most kids are, and I think this is where the future of game playing is headed, rather than playing board games and really even games on video game consoles.

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