A Night at the Ballpark

Lucy loves her some baseball, so yesterday we redeemed our tickets from the Rome Braves’ rained-out Mother’s Day game and headed to the ballpark. If we had known we could redeem them for ANY game, we would have picked one with a 7 p.m. start rather than a 5 p.m. first pitch, but that’s OK.

This was Lucy’s second (I think) trip to the Rome stadium. The first time, she was just a baby and really didn’t know what was going on. Now, she was totally into it — well, going up and down the stairs, and harassing the mascot, that is. We had tickets right behind home plate on the floor, but since it was so hot and there was practically no one there, we opted to move up under the overhang to get a bit of shade.

photo (6)



Not too long after the game started, a foul ball was hit just down from where we were sitting. Joe sprinted to get it (even though there wasn’t anyone else around!), and someone else in the stands shouted, “Run, Forrest, run!” Lol. He was very proud to get it for his little girl.



Once we saw Roxy, one of the mascots, Lucy became her BFF. At least, she thought she had. Every time we saw her, she shouted, “Roxy! Roxy! Climb up steps, Roxy!” We initially chased her down through the concourse since, you know, we had moved way up top.




It was a double-header (which means each game was only 7 innings rather than 9), but we left just before the first game ended because Lucy was getting tired (no nap=cranky toddler), and it was seriously hot. We had fun, though, and Lucy can’t wait to go back.

Also, this was the best family picture we got. Sad, I know, but Lucy’s in her “I hate pictures” phase.


Oh! And, did I mention we got on the big screen? We sure did. A foul ball AND getting on the big screen? It was a big night for our family!

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