Father’s Day Recap

We had a BUSY Father’s Day weekend, spending a good bit of it in the car driving to visit both sides of the family.

We started off by heading to my parents’ house on Saturday for lunch. My brothers and nephews were there, and we had a great time, despite the fact that we were sad that it was the first Father’s Day without my grandpa. Hopefully all the laughter from the kids took my Dad’s mind off that for a little bit.

Lucy had SO much fun running around with her cousins. She even ran faster than them, and Joe was proud of her for beating two boys, one of whom is almost 5! We brought a train set we bought Lucy at a yard sale (for $5!), and Harrison really wanted to play with it. So, he sent Lucy in to tell Joe that she wanted to play with it. Of course, we saw Harrison’s little head peeking around the corner watching her. Lol. I just wish we had gotten some pictures of them.

After lunch, we headed through the mountains to the in-laws’ cabin. When we were pulling in, Joe’s mom was leaving to drop some things off at a friend’s house. Lucy lost her little mind, crying for Grandma to come back. Lol.

The girls had spaghetti for dinner, which was fun. We probably should have fed them BEFORE their baths!

DSC_1287 (2)


After we hung out on the deck (and the adults ate dinner), we took a walk. Joe and I were really proud of the girls for making it up the steep hill.

photo (12)

Then, we made popcorn — one of Lucy’s favorite things. Joe’s parents buy Jiffy Pop, and Lucy loves watching it pop on the stove.


When we woke up Sunday morning, there was no power! Apparently, there was a major power outage throughout the city. Luckily, it came back on within an hour, of when I got up, that is! We had a lazy morning before my little family headed out to go home.

We stopped at Pizza Hut on the way — Daddy’s choice — and were enjoying our meal together until a group of obnoxiously loud teenagers came in. Joe says I’m being the “crotchety old lady”, but they were so loud, I couldn’t even hear Lucy when she was screaming. Everyone else in the restaurant was staring at them. Rude.

photo (11)

photo (10)

When we got back into town, we decided to go to TCBY since there was a discount for Father’s Day. There are three frozen yogurt places in town, and Lucy pointed in the direction of the one near the Interstate. We told her we were going to a different one, and when we drove past the one located in the downtown area, she pointed wildly and said, “Here it is! Here it is!” When we drove past, she started to cry hysterically and said, “Iiiiiccccee creeeeeaaam!” We totally didn’t think that we were going to be driving by one. We told her we were going to the OTHER one, and she brightened back up when we pulled into the parking lot. Crisis averted.

It was a nice, family-filled weekend, which is what you want for a holiday like Father’s Day.

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