On Meeting Colin and Reese

For the last two weeks, Hollywood crews, including actors Colin Firth, Reese Witherspoon and Stephen Moyar, have been in my town filming scenes for the new movie “Devil’s Knot”. They used our 1903 Courthouse, and it’s been fun to drive by every day and see everything that was going on.

On Wednesday night, we were heading home after meeting in town for a late-ish dinner and, when we drove by the back side of the old courthouse, we saw a bunch of people gathered in the parking lot. Since we were in two cars, I pulled off to talk to Joe about it. He thought they were extras shooting a night scene. I thought there was something else going on.

And, I was going to find out. We headed across the street, and Joe went over to the crowd to see what was happening while I waited at the car with Lucy. He called me and told me to hurry over because COLIN FIRTH was there signing autographs and taking pictures. I jumped in line and got my autograph, but before I could get my picure, he turned away to someone else. I got back in line (because Colin’s “people” were getting onto me for being out of line when really I wasn’t) hoping to get a quick shot with him, and he waved like he was about to leave.

BUT THEN, his “people” saw Lucy and said, “Wait! You have to have a picture with the baby.” And the baby’s mommy. Obviously.


I couldn’t even speak. He is so hot!

Then, we headed to the other end of the parking lot where we found Reese signing autographs. She wasn’t posing for pictures, but that’s OK. We managed to get some anyway. She was super sweet, and it was so neat to actually see her in person (she’s one of my favorite actresses).




It was such an exciting night. Filming here has wrapped now, and it’s going to be weird driving through town without everything going on. We’ve become so used to it in such a short time. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for the next movie crew to come to town!

Make sure to see the movie when it comes out to see our beautiful old courthouse! I have some friends who were extras in the movie as well. I can’t wait to see it!

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  1. Ann says:

    Oh my, Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorites! How lucky you must be 🙂

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